• Accelerating Strategy Implementation Through In- and External Communication

Stakeholder support

Any strategy or project is doomed to fail without support from key stakeholders. Communication about what you want to achieve (and why) is crucial for gaining their support. Or at least to prevent opposition to your activities…

Alignment Factory is experienced in designing and implementing comprehensive, yet pragmatic, communication strategies. We help you to enhance stakeholder relationships and to strengthen your reputation.

Employee alignment

Companies that succeed in aligning employees behind their strategic goals perform better than others. In fact, 10% extra strategic alignment leads to 6% extra employee engagement which in turn results in 2% better business results. Turning employees into ambassadors of your ambition clearly pays off.

Alignment Factory is experienced in designing and implementing impactful communication solutions for strategic challenges, including organizational change.

Let’s get aligned!

Alignment Factory has a background in both business strategy and communications. We understand that your companies’ strategic goals and business results are your priority. And we know how in- and external communications can support them.

So, whether you are interested in improving employee alignment or looking for inspiration to improve your relations with all kinds of stakeholders...
Let’s get aligned! We are always interested in a good conversation about the subject.